Janitor is responsible for keeping offices, buildings and facilities in clean and orderly condition. Duties may include performing unscheduled activities, notifying management of the need for servicing, and additional cleaning.

The Janitor conducts, but is not limited to:

  • Perform periodic cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls and glass, and removing rubbish
  • Cleans building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming
  • Gathers and empties trash to include trashcans in the close proximity of exterior main entrances
  • Services, supplies and cleans restrooms
  • Cleans and polishes furniture drinking fountain fixtures, windows, glass partitions and mirrors using appropriate cleaning products and sponges
  • Dusting of office furniture, walls machines and equipment
  • Mixes water and detergents in containers according to product specifications to prevent damage to floors, fixtures or furniture
  • Spot clean or shampoo carpets, strip, seal, finish and polish floors
  • Drives vehicles (Vans) for travel to various worksites
  • May have to move equipment and supplies either manually or by using a hand truck
  • Notifies leads and/or manager of need of any major equipment repairs or additions needed in custodial services
  • Informs leads and/or manager of supplies and equipment needed for cleaning and maintenance duties
  • Wash, dry and fold rags, towels, etc.
  • Other Related Duties

Don't Be Fooled

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